Glass Art

At Glow Worm Stained Glass, Dean uses a wide variety of glass art crafting methods. Take a look at what he can do. To enquire about classes, commissions, repairs or supplies, get in touch today.

Stained Glass Art

Practiced for over a thousand years, stained glass involves creating beautiful images by assembling small pieces of coloured (stained) glass. Most often found in churches, these stunning works can also be found in cathedrals and religious buildings around the world. Throughout history, some of the most stunning and iconic works of art have been created with stained glass.

Fused Glass Art

Fused glass art is a dynamic and versatile form of art that involves heating pieces of glass until they melt and fuse together. This method can create unique and colourful designs for a wide variety of functional and decorative objects such as jewellery, vases and sculptures. The endless possibilities allow artists to create unique one-of-a-kind pieces that are personal to them.

Leadlight Art

As a technique that’s also been used for centuries, leadlight art can be created in a variety of styles such as geometric patterns and elaborate scenes of colours and textures. Due to the transparency of the glass, it’s possible to create intricate designs that are enhanced by the play of light and shadow.

Tiffany Glass Art

Tiffany glass refers to the vibrant and innovative techniques and designs made popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by Louis Comfort Tiffany. His legacy continues to influence today’s contemporary glass designers and artists. Tiffany designs can be found in a wide range of applications such as windows lampshades and decorative objects.

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