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Stained glass gifts: unique and beautiful

We all want to impress our loved ones with a gift that's a bit different and shows how much we care: how about a hand-made, uniquely designed stained glass gift? Just pop into Glow-Worm for one of our range of "off the shelf" designs.

Personalising your gift

Or if you've got a bit of time before the big day, come in or give us a call and we can make something to order. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas - whatever the occasion, we'll work with you to produce something really special. You can even help design your gift, give us some colour ideas to match its setting, or come in and choose the glass yourself for that personal touch.

Gift ideas

Has your mum always wanted a gorgeous Tiffany lamp for the living room? How about adding some light and colour to a friend's new home with an art deco mirror? Or for a smaller token of your friendship, how about some stained glass coasters, a striking light-catcher or a mirrored candle holder?

There are plenty of stained glass gifts to choose from at Glow-Worm Stained Glass, and we can offer some great suggestions if you're running out of ideas. Find the right gift and your lucky loved one won't forget it.

Give us a call or drop in to find out how stained glass gifts can really brighten up your special occasion.

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