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History of Glow-Worm
History of Glow-Worm

The history of Glow-worm Stained Glass

Ray Boundy, the owner of Glow-worm, has been making stained glass items since 1980. What started out as a hobby - making terrariums, panels and lamps for the home and as Christmas presents - turned serious in 1996 when he started teaching the craft. 

He taught for one evening a week at the start, but this soon grew to five evenings a week, teaching at local schools and colleges. By 1999, Ray had established himself as a leading local expert and decided to set up Glow-worm Stained Glass.

The first premises for Glow-worm was on Fore Street in the village of Plympton St Maurice. 

Having a base to store glass, tools and materials made a huge difference, allowing Ray to expand the business further and start teaching warm glass sessions using the new in-house kiln.

It wasn't long before the Plympton St Maurice workshop had become too small for the growing company, and Glow-worm moved to its second premises, on Underwood Road. This allowed Ray to take on bigger commissions, hold more stocks of glass, and teach larger classes within the shop.

Private tuition slowly began to replace teaching for colleges, and now most of Ray's classes take place at Glow-worm. He still has one class at Saltash Community College in Cornwall.

Within a few years of moving to Underwood, the business had continued to expand and now needed much larger premises. That's when Glow-worm moved to its current location in Chantry Mill Business Park. Ray now holds classes for up to ten students at a time, and holds probably the widest range of glass, and stained glass tools and materials, you can find in Devon and Cornwall.

The old shop at Underwood Road.

St Maurice. The first shop.