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Kiln Work and Kiln Courses (warm glass)

Our kiln work course is run over three sessions.

This course covers such aspects as fusing glass to glass, powders and frits to glass, stringers to glass, kiln carving and slumping. It is run with you in mind - make what you want to make rather than what we want you to make.

What each session involves


The first session (three hours) covers safety, the technical aspects of kiln work and the possibilities. You will then be able to carry out some experimental and trial work just to have some fun while learning. Your work will be fired ready for you to see on the second session.


The second session (three hours) covers any questions you may have and more experimental work. You will be asked to think of a few ideas for session three. You are welcome to pop in to collect work done on session two a day or two before session three starts.

The third session (three hours) is just for you: make whatever you want to make. This can be somethig quite simple or as wild as you like. It could be a slumped plate or dish, some coasters, tiles, a splashback or maybe some contemporary work. The chioce is yours. Rest assured, you can talk your ideas over with us and we will offer help at every stage.

Booking your kiln work course


The cost for the course is £80.00, which covers materials and firings used on the first two  sessions.


Materials and firings used for the third session are charged extra.


Your work from the third session will be fired and ready for collection after the course has finished.


A fascinating course, which is suitable for beginners.