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If you attend a one-day workshop and would like to continue with the craft, we can then fit you into one of our Afternoon or Evening classes at a time that would be convenient for both you and us.

We have been running beginners' courses for sixteen years and still take pride in the work our students produce in a fairly short length of time.

What the beginners' course involves

You will be taught how to cut glass, apply copper foil and lead came, solder and finish two small projects in the first few weeks. You can then move on and, with some discussion and planning, you are free to take on a project of your own choice.

This can be made from one of hundreds of patterns available or you could draw up your own idea. Your tutor will help with any problems you may have.

Moving on from beginner level

Many of our beginners come to us for years and make some quite exceptional pieces.  

Tools and materials

You will need to purchase a glass cutter on the second week of the course and a small charge will be made for materials to enable you to make your initial two projects. Please don't buy anything until you've spoken to your tutor.

Materials for any other projects made are available from the studio. 

Please ring 01752 340586 or email for more information or to register your interest.