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Stained glass supply

Glow-Worm is a stained glass supply store for hobbyists and professionals. We supply tools, lead cames, copper foil, solder fluxes, patinas -in fact, just about everything.


Our stained glass supplies include an extremely wide range of glass. We stock Wissmach & Dynasty, ranging from inexpensive cathedrals to the best of the art glasses. We also stock  Bullseye fusible glass. 

A comprehensive range of glass is available, off the shelf, at very competitive prices.  If you're working on a stained glass project, it's far better to see the glass before you buy rather than risking mail order and not getting quite what you wanted.

The Glow-Worm studio is the perfect place to compare and contrast the stained glass supplies you're thinking of buying, as we have light boxes and plenty of natural light to show off each glass at its best.

Due to supply problems, we will no longer be stocking Spectrum or System 96 glass.

Tools and materials

For more information on stained glass supplies for the hobbyist, go to our tools & materials page.

If you're interested in developing your skills, go to our tuition & courses page.

Contact us

Glow-worm Stained Glass is based at:

5 Chantry Mill Business Park
Marshall Road

We are experts in our field. If you're having trouble with a project and would like to discuss the materials or tools you should be using, we'd be happy to help. Just pop in during opening hours, give us a call on 01752 340586 or email