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This page is for students and hobbyists wanting to find a comprehensive range of materials and tools at affordable prices with help and advice should they need it.

We stock an enviable list of glass ranging from inexpensive cathedral glass, mid priced opal, waterglass, whispy and streaky glasses to top-of-the-range art glass.

Bevels, rondels and nuggets are part of the stock and can give an ordinary project quite a lift. 

Fusing glass

For fusers we can offer some good advice on the subject and we stock: 

  • A range of Bullseye COE 90 fusible glass
  • Shelf papers
  • Batt wash
  • Moulding materials.

Our kilns are available for hire: just bring in your work and we'll fire it for you.    

Glass Painting

Traditional glass painters may be interested in our range of glass paints with some vibrant colours now available. 

Glow-Worm's wall of glass


Tools and accessories

We offer a complete range of tools and accessories. Phone us on 01752 340586 (during opening times) for stock and prices.  

Glow-Worm's policy is to stock tools and materials that are considered to be well made, long lasting, affordable and right for the job. We don't stock gimmicks and we don't stock anything that we don't use ourselves.


Stained glass lamp making

All our lamp bases are complete: they are fitted with flex, plug, torpedo switch, harp and finial, and are tested for electrical safety.

For lamp makers we also have:

  • lamp fittings
  • finials
  • spiders
  • vase caps
  • harps 
  • pattern books.






We stock a full range of tools for glass cutting, grinding and breaking, copper foil and lead work.

We also stock:

  • a wide range of H and C section lead cames
  • brass channel and overlays
  • solder
  • fluxes
  • copper foils
  • tallow.

Get in touch

For more information, stock and prices, please call us on 01752 340586 or email