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Stained glass panels

If you want to add light and colour to your home, a stained glass panel is one of the easiest ways to do it. Adding a panel to a door or even a dividing wall can be the perfect way to transfer light from one room to the next and brighten the place up.

Designing and fitting your stained glass panel

Glow-Worm Stained Glass can help you to choose the right design and colours for your stained glass panel, and will fit it for you once it's completed.

We have been making panels for many years and were even commissioned to make one for the BBC for an episode of DIY SOS. The brief was to design and produce a panel that could brighten up a bedroom by transferring light from the adjoining room, and we consulted with the programme's producers to design something that perfectly accented the colours of the room.

We can do this for you: phone the studio or come in for a chat, and we'll discuss what you need and what we can provide. You can even help to design your stained glass panel and choose the glass.